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Art workshops to return

The Art workshops will continue in 2016, there will be an announcement made in April 2016.

Details of where and when the workshops will take place are still being confirmed...please stay turned for more details.

Art Workshops continue

The Saturday Art workshops will continue throughout the summer holidays, at the Myatts Field North Community centre.

Please see the latest flyer for the most up to date information. (please discard any previous flyers and refer to this information only)

Full workshop program starts 13/6

This Saturday see the start of the Full Arts workshop program, following the 6 week introductory period. The Full program will include tailored tuition for each child based on their skills and interests, field trips to museums, galleries and places of interest and also advance art activities such as Photography and digital art.

art workshop 16th May

The Myatts Field North Art Workshops are well under way, and the level of creativity shown grows each week as the children get more comfortable with experimenting and allowing their ideas to come forth. As shown in the images all work done by the children, is individual to that child, their work is all very different, and have different qualities to appreciate, see further posts for more workshop fun.

For all enquiries relating to art workshops please email or call 07538894781

Art workshop 2nd may - greeting cards

The Myatts Field Art Workshop held last Saturday 2nd May, are now well underway. Last week's session was a very creative one. There was a lot of experimentation being done and the children were very excited to see the end results of their work. Workshops are held on a weekly basis and are open to children aged 4 - 16.

For any questions around the workshops an workshop content, please contact me at, alternatively please use the contact form on this website.

New schedule and pricing

Following a review of the workshop plan and structure, there will be a slight change to the program, effective immediately.

All workshops will now accommodate children of all ages, from 4 - 16

Please see the flyer attached for full details.

Thank you.



Art workshops will continue this week at the Myatts Field North Community centre, this week will be the Over 8's introduction class from 12:30 till 2pm.

The next Under 8's session will be on the 9th May 2015.

All class attendees can now Drop in 'Pay as you Go' (a slight change from that which was previously advertised)
Please note that sign-up forms should be completed, and can be obtained from this website, or directly from the Myatts Field North community centre.

Children's Art Workshop Welcome Pack

Please download the attachment below for full details of the Saturday Art Workshop, including Sign Up Form, Schedule and Price List. (including applicable discounts and special offers)

The Art workshops have arrived in Myatts Field North

The Jon Judace Art workshops for 3 - 16 year olds are being conducted at the Myatts Field North community centre.

This Saturday 18th is the Introduction Day, when you can come and find out about the artist and the work planned for the children, also see more of what I do to maintain an art business. There will also be free giveaways and prizes on the day so everyone is encouraged to come out and have fun on the day.

Please see the tyler for more details alternatively please contact me directly.

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  • Jon Judace has not only blessed my entrance, reminding everyoneof whom resides here..... He's also changed the terminology used in Black Jack..... No more she's a S@!g cover her...That's the Queen...Soldier up! Protect her. Thank you for sharing your light with the world.

  • Thanks again! Such an honour to own a piece of your work AND a limited edition print! We can't wait to find somewhere to place it in our home and show it off to our visitors!

  • I visited and saw your Jahmazing art work at Nudawn well street E8.
    Just passing through for there relaunch. Never been there before..
    blown away by your works and ended up leaving deposit on 2 pieces.
    Soooooo pleased...
    Thank you for your gifts to our world
    Blessed Love

  • I bought a few greeting/birthday cards from you. My dad loved his Ankh one. Thank you! Keep Representing us!

  • 2019 was the year I told myself I would invest in more art. I met Jon at a Kwanzaa event where I performed after receiving one of his cards for Christmas. His Wu-Tang Forever A3 artwork adds vibrancy to my bedroom and reminds me that at the centre of whatever I do, there will be Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game Forever.

  • I just bought a couple of your cards to send to my kids in America, and I didn’t realize they were locally made til after. Your art is really beautiful.

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