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Highlights from the Differentiate Exhibition

The Dust has settled and the exhibition is over, Thursday night saw an explosion of South London Art in the heart of Hackney with new art collections from Amanda Denise Graham, Felix Price and Jon Judace.
All Artists displayed original collections, with some works put up for auction, the one night special held at NuDawn Hackney, ran from 7pm till midnight. The night included an exhibition and auction, with charity donations being made to the RNIB and FightforSight Charities.
It was a humbling experience to see how many people came to the exhibition, we had just over 100 visitors in total, as well as representatives from our nominated charities, and feedback received has been very positive.
I especially enjoyed the fact that everyone who came seemed to appreciate work from all the artists, there was not a dull moment, with plenty of art for everyone to see.

Thank you to Kevin Jones, Lorraine @nudawn and Jackie @rekindledhackney, who have all helped in so many ways, without them this event would not have been possible and for that I am truly grateful.

A Special Thank you is reserved for the artists's Felix Price and Amanda Denise Graham for agreeing to be involved and exhibit work for the show. This show was intended to showcase our work, and highlight how art is manipulated and interpreted by us in different ways, visitors got a real insight into who we are as people tonight, not just from meeting and speaking to us, but by seeing some of our most personal, emotional and spiritual artwork, in its original form.

N.B. To Young Theo, Thank you for your help, you really helped us all in so many ways, especially with the door registrations, so many people commented on how polite and diligent you were on the night. And Myles your help on the night was very much appreciated, from helping on the door, to mingling with guests, to singlehandedly increasing the number of visitors, Thanks to you both.

Curating this event has given me a real confidence boost and also allowed me to see my own work from a different perspective, I anticipate a great deal of artistic growth as a result of this experience and I thank all those who have taken the time to give me feedback.

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  • I just bought a couple of your cards to send to my kids in America, and I didn’t realize they were locally made til after. Your art is really beautiful.

  • I’ve bought many of your cards from the Nubian store in Catford throughout the years and only recently have I discovered your website.
    You have beautiful items on your website and I have now made my second purchase and I would like to say thank you for all of your beautiful work.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I can only buy quality designed greeting cards, Loving these designs by @jonjudace, purchased at Treasures on Portland Road.

  • Well deserved stylish,unique,can't stop marveling at the quality, talent, first rate customer service, fascinating conversation with a cool,calm, hardworking gifted young man! your efforts are not going unnoticed Jon keep it up Excellent!

  • Thank you so much for having us last night at your Differentiate Art Exhibition. It was lovely meeting you and the other artists.
    We are so grateful for your support and your reasons behind supporting us - we hope the rest of the evening went well and that you had a lot of interest for your pieces.
    It would be great to hear how you got on and to also know if you have any other events that we could maybe come along to to raise awareness about the RNIB and sight loss.
    We look forward to hearing from you and well done again for a great night!
    Kind regards,

  • I am very excited to see more of Jon Judace's work, its refreshing to see an artist with so much to offer. I purchased a bag recently and love it (quality and stylish), whenever I wear it people are always complimenting or asking where I purchased it from! X

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